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3 Things You Should Know About Magento

These days, e-commerce companies have more than a few options at their fingertips when it comes to supporting their websites and online presence. One of these solutions is Magento, an industry-leading e-commerce software that has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the release of Magento 2 just around the corner, with merchant availability scheduled for November, now is the time to examine Magento and what it can offer your organization.

While there are numerous capabilities and benefits provided by the Magento platform, today we'll focus on the top three things you should know about this all-encompassing e-commerce solution.

1) More retailers use Magento than any other platform
We weren't kidding when we said Magento has become popular. Magento has held the top spot in e-commerce software for a number of years now, and currently, 1 in 4 online businesses utilizes Magento to support its brand. This translates to over 240,000 retailers across the globe that leverage the platform for their e-commerce needs. Thanks to Magento, these businesses rake in a combined $25 billion or more in online transactions every year.

"Over 240,000 retailers across the globe leverage Magento."

With the next version of the solution, Magento 2, set to be released by year's end, it's safe to say the platform's popularity won't wane anytime soon.

2) Magento makes PCI compliance easy
One consideration for every retailer is conforming to the guidelines set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which helps ensure that the payment information and personal customer details remain protected. PCI compliance can be complicated, and any strategy to streamline it is helpful.

Magento has special capabilities built in to help ensure merchants' PCI compliance. This includes the Magento Secure Payment Bridge, a PA-DSS certified feature that comes with a subscription to the Magento Enterprise edition.

"Magento makes PCI compliance easier by separating the Magento Secure Payment Bridge application from our eCommerce platform," Magento states on its website. "This enables updates to the core Magento eComme​rce application with new marketing, merchandising and content management capabilities, without having to go through PCI compliance reassessment of the entire Magento eCommerce platform."

Magento is the number one e-commerce platform in the industry.
Magento is the number one e-commerce platform in the industry.

To ensure full PCI compliance, Magento must be installed in a secure environment that meets 12 requirements.

With its specialized capabilities and features, businesses utilizing Magento can work to achieve PCI compliance in a way that won't disrupt transaction processes or interfere with the brand's goals.

3) Keeping customers in the loop
Magento is also ideal for maintaining interactions with clients in order to keep the brand top of mind. Website Magazine contributor Danial Wright pointed out that the solution's unique Product Alert Notification feature ensures that customers never miss a beat when it comes to the newest available items. Alerts can be sent to notify customers about new products that align with shoppers' recent interests, providing a customized experience. These notifications also provide an easy path to the featured product page on the brand's website, ensuring consumers can easily find what they're looking for and complete their purchase.

Magento can make the difference when it comes to a brand's e-commerce capabilities and online presence. To find out more about how Magento can benefit your company, contact Hostway today.